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Feeling out of control, depressed, anxious, or like you're not handling life well?


Take advantage of our Vet Strong program, where we use a combination of strength sports & counseling to help you feel strong again.

Research has shown that exercise can reduce symptoms of mild/moderate depression and anxiety.  Couple this with counseling, and you can start feeling like yourself again.

How it works:

- 4 Free Personal Training sessions at Rhino Strength & Performance

- 4 Free Counseling sessions with StrongMind

- In order to receive the free sessions, you must participate in both personal training and counseling.

After your free sessions are completed, you'll receive recommendations for future sessions (if needed).  If you'd like to continue, you'll receive a discounted rate of $25 per session (applies to both counseling and personal training).  At this point, you can choose to continue with both personal training and counseling or only with one or the other.

Who is eligible:

This program is open to Veterans, Retired, Active Duty, Guard, or Reserve military members.  Dependents are not eligible for this program. 

Who we are: 


Ryan and Tarra Farnham opened Rhino’s Gym in 2014, an old-school gym dedicated to strength sports athletes.  Rhino Strength and Performance was founded in 2016, followed by Team Chubby Unicorns, a powerlifting team, later in 2016.  In 2018, Tarra opened Rhino Consulting & Counseling, PLLC, in order to help individuals with mental health, and changed the name to StrongMind, PLLC in 2020.

Ryan is a Veteran from the United States Marine Corps and was active duty for 12 years.  He is a Certified ISSA Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Westside Barbell Personal Trainer.  He has been training for over 14 years.

Tarra is a Veteran from the United States Air Force and was active duty for 6 years.  She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Campbell University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina. 

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