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Hello, I'm Tarra!

I am a mental skills coach and mental health counselor licensed in FL, NC, and GA. My primary specialty generally includes two groups:

(1) Teens and adults struggling with past trauma 

(2) Athletes who wish to perform better​

I offer in-person appointments at our office in Port Charlotte, FL or virtual appointments through our remote platform. On sunny days, if you like, we can walk outdoors and enjoy the weather while talking. For athletes, we might meet outdoors, at my athletic training facility, or at your training facility to conduct our sessions.

Working Together

​My work with athletes centers around helping them perform their best at practice and competition. As a competitive athlete and strength coach, I understand how essential sport and exercise can be to us. When we’re not playing to our potential, we may notice that the other parts of our lives are also off-center. My goal is to coach you through mental skills that complement your physical training. 


As an Air Force Veteran and wife of a Marine Corps Veteran, I understand the unique challenges we face in our military community. However, military members are not alone in being affected by trauma, and many times we don’t even realize how it changes us. Childhood abuse and neglect, sexual trauma, and combat trauma are just a few examples of the types of trauma a person may experience. My goal is to help you overcome whatever challenge you find yourself facing and help you begin feeling more like yourself.​​

Contact Us

If you're ready to take the next steps, or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Call / Text: 941-208-6018

You can also use the "Book Now" button to schedule yourself an appointment.

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