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Work With StrongMind, LLC

Attention Therapists!

We are hiring a licensed mental health counselor for a combination virtual and in-office position in Port Charlotte, FL. We have a shortage of counselors in this area and want to help increase access to mental health care. We anticipate filling your caseload within 3-6 months of being fully credentialed with insurance. Right now, both counselors are at capacity.

About Us

Currently, StrongMind has three fully-licensed LMHCs. Two of us are Veterans of the US Air Force and one is a Marine Corps Veteran. As the owner, I am highly driven to ensure that all those who work with me are given every opportunity to grow in their careers. I want the people who work with StrongMind never to feel stagnant or bored, and I am willing to discuss ways to help you grow.

StrongMInd is closely affiliated with Rhino's Gym (which my husband and I own and is located in the same plaza). We have a special place in our hearts for movement of all kinds and I encourage everyone to get some type of movement in daily. A membership to Rhino's Gym is free for everyone who works at StrongMind.

Our office is very laid back and motivated, and we enjoy our time together even when the days can be stressful. We love to learn and discuss cases together when we get a chance. We don't have a formal dress code, but I ask that you dress in a manner that you would be proud to represent our center in each day. Generally, I wear exercise pants and a StrongMind t-shirt each day (or a Rhino's Gym t-shirt), and Laura tends to go between jeans and "mental health" t-shirts (or StrongMind) and blouses and slacks. We keep a relaxed atmosphere in the office, and many times, you will see our clients talking together and us counselors talking to each other's clients while they're waiting to go into session. 

Ideal Candidates

We are looking for someone passionate about helping their community. Ideally, we would love to have a person on board who is a Veteran, interested in physical and mental health, and loves to work with Veterans, children, and adults. Please take a moment to review this website to better understand what we do.


I will take care of insurance credentialing, billing, scheduling, and marketing and even provide a stipend for health, gym, technology, CEUs, training, and conferences. We have a fully furnished office available for your use, or you can decorate it as you'd like. You would have access to the office anytime, and we have several security measures in place to put you at ease. Your schedule is very flexible to fit your needs, so long as your client's needs are also met.

Important Application Information

I am looking forward to working together and hope you are as well. Please apply using the link below. The anticipated "start date" would be based on your availability and insurance credentialing. 

Let’s Work Together

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