Strength doesn't come from what you can do.
It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't.
- Rikki Rogers

Mental Skills for Athletes

Being an athlete comes with it's own unique set of problems, such as anxiety, doubt, body image issues, and expectations.   I can coach you through these challenges in order to help increase your overall performance.

Exercise Integrated Therapy

Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety & depression and is being recommended more often by mental health & medical providers. However, sometimes we just don’t know where to start with exercise. Let me help you learn how to exercise while also incorporating mental skills to reduce your depression and anxiety.

Mental Health Counseling

At times, we need more than our family and friends to help us get through a difficult time.  I can provide a secure, comfortable, place for you to lay it all out on the table to work through without fear of being judged.  

Tarra Farnham, M.A., LPC

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Certified Personal Trainer

Westside Conjugate Tactical Instructor

About Me

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

I enjoy working with people of all ages, cultures, and life concerns.  As an Air Force Veteran and military-wife, I understand the unique challenges we face in the military community.


I am fully certified as a Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy clinician for children and teenagers.  I have been trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy for adults who have experienced trauma.  My other areas of expertise include: mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression; substance use; trauma-related concerns; stress; sexuality; interpersonal/family relationships; self-esteem; and issues pertaining to women's health. I also work with clients who engage in alternative sexual relationships.

My other passion is working with athletes hone their mental skills to help them perform their best.  Additionally, I provide a program for people who want to learn how to use fitness as a tool to manage certain mental health symptoms. 

On sunny days, if you like, we can walk around the building and enjoy the outdoors.  For athletes, we might meet outdoors or at your athletic training facility in order to conduct our sessions.

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